Springtime Eye Tutorial

I recently did a springtime look on my YouTube channel using the Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar palette from Too Faced! I have been loving this palette, it has so many wonderful neutrals and a few beautiful pops of color. I used the color Blueberry Swirl on my lid and I loved it! Check out my video below!

Products Used:

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Morphe Brushes Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette

Heaven's gates have opened and this palette fell out! Holy crap! Let me tell you, I went through hell trying to get my hands on this! I literally spent THIRTEEN hours on Morphe's website, constantly refreshing the page, just trying to add this to my cart and check out. Kim K. attempted to #breaktheinternet, but Jaclyn actually did it! In the end, my sleepless night was worth it.

Jaclyn Hill (my favorite YouTuber, in case you didn't know) teamed up with Morphe Brushes to create this palette of her favorite Morphe shadows. Normally their single shadows are only $2. This palette is $27.99 and has 28 shadows in it, making them $1 a shadow! You can't beat this price!

The quality of these shadows is wonderful. They are smooth and buttery and creamy. They blend beautifully! I love that you get so many necessary shades. You have your blending shades, your neutrals, mattes, shimmers, there are pops of color, warm tones, cool tones, etc. The only thing that I wish they added is a matte white or cream shade, for highlighting your brow bone, and a black.

Let's move on to the palette itself! The packaging is just your basic plastic package. It would have been cool if they would have actually put "Jaclyn Hill Favorites" on the palette itself, instead of the box, but it does have a sticker on the back that says JH. It's not magnetic but the closure it has keeps it from not opening. I mean I have trouble trying to get the damn thing open. 

Now for the colors! Like I said, this covers everything! You can create practically any look you want to with this! Just look at it!

Cue the choir!

1st Row

2nd Row

3rd Row

4th Row

Do you see what I mean? I am in love with the pink and orange colors in here. And can we talk about that random green! This is going to be awesome for people of all skin tones. There is definitely something for everyone in here. 

Morphe will be re-releasing this in February and I don't think they'll be releasing anymore after that. I will keep you all updated on the actual date when they release it! 

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