Essie's New 2014 Neon Collection

I am LOVING this new neon collection from Essie. Ladies, Spring is packed full of awesome brights for 2014! Bright orange lipsticks, loud shadows and now to top it off, polish. Take a look at these lovely colors!

Essie 2014 Neon Collection
To start the colors off we have 'Chills and Thrills'. It is a supercharged blue violet and boy is she a beauty! This reminds me so much of Essie's 'Butler Please' (my most favorite polish ever BTW) only this one has a more purple tint to it.

Chills and Thrills 0.46 fl oz
Next up we have 'Too Taboo', a lovely florescent fushia berry. It reminds me of a bright bubble gum pink. Any girly girl would love to have this in their collection.

Too Taboo 0.46 fl oz
This one was the one that I was most excited to receive! 'I'm Addicted' is a name that explains how I truly feel! This amazing neon aquamarine blue is just stunning! It reminds me of something that a mermaid would have on her seashells nails. Maybe that's why I like it so much?

I'm Addicted 0.46 fl oz
If you are wanting to stand out this next color is for you! 'Vices Versa' is a juicy neon lime that pops right off your nail beds. Such a fun color all around!

Vices Versa 0.46 fl oz
'Serial Shopper' is a florescent fire coral and what a perfect coral it is. This reminds me of Summer. I'm pretty sure I will be rocking this one at the beach this Summer!

Serial Shopper 0.46 fl oz
Last, but not least we have 'Sittin' Pretty' a vivid intense lavender. I wish I would have had this during Easter weekend because it would have been perfect to hide eggs in! 

Sittin' Pretty 0.46 fl oz

All of the colors are very opaque after two coats and stay very well. They are all so very pretty and I can't wait to wear them year after year! They are now available! Go snatch them up, you won't regret it!

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