Product Rave: The Wet Brush

I never thought that it was possible to fall in love with a brush, but it happened! Over the past two months I have been using The Wet Brush on my hair and on my daughters hair. It has helped my mornings to go by more quickly and a lot less noisy.

Now I say noisy because my baby girl is SUPER tender headed. I would use a basic brush from the drugstore and she would cry because it hurt so bad. Especially when she would just get out of the shower. So, I decided that I needed to do something different. I have tried all kinds of brushes, detanglers and even the Tangle Teaser, NOTHING helped, I was desperate.

So, browsing the aisles of Target one day, like we all do, I stumbled across a tiny little brush called The Wet Brush Squirt. I figured a $5 purchase wouldn't break the bank and maybe it would help my baby (and my ears) so I got it. BEST. PURCHASE. EVER. After her shower that evening I brushed her hair, like I normally would, and what did I hear? NOTHING. She was like, "Mom, what brush are you using, I like it!" That was all I needed to hear. It wasn't even two days later when I went out and bought the bigger one. 

I don't just use it for my daughter, I use it myself also. My hair is thin but it is curly and when I use a regular paddle brush my hair tends to be frizzy throughout the day. Ever since I started using the other, my hair looks so much better! I've noticed that it doesn't tear my hair either. Also, when my hair is wet, it is so much easier to brush through. It really does cut down so much time used on my hair. 

Basically, it's fantastic and worth the purchase! Please take a moment to subscribe and like me on Facebook! Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

The Wet Brush: Find it here.
The Wet Brush Squirt: Find it here.

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