10 Coconut Oil Uses for Your Beauty Routine

Coconut oil is one of the most versatile items I have ever came across. You can use it to cook with, as diaper rash cream, to help with a sore throat, etc. But, this is a beauty blog and I am going to tell you my top 10 ways to use it for your beauty routine. 

Make-Up Remover: This stuff can take off the most stubborn mascara out there! Simply put some on your fingers and rub it over your eyes or put it on a cotton pad and do the same thing. Your make-up will melt away.

Body Scrub: Mix together one part oil and two parts sugar to make a lovely smelling exfoliate. Once you're in the shower wet your body, lather some of the body scrub onto a pouf or a wash cloth and scrub away! You will end up glowing and super smooth! Plus, you'll smell heavenly! You can also use it as a lip scrub.

Lip Balm: This one is super easy. Just pucker up and smooth it on. Your lips will be kissable soft in a matter of seconds.

Make-Up Brush Cleaner: To create the cleaner you want to use two parts antibacterial soap and one part coconut oil. When you are done place a small amount of mixture in your hand and dip the brush into it. Then take your brush and swirl it around until clean. After you are done, rinse your brush thoroughly and lay flat to dry.

Frizz Tamer: This works wonders on flyaways and adds tons of shine to your hair.

Deep Conditioner: Lather all over your hair and comb through. If you sleep with it still in your hair be sure to use a shower cap or place a towel over your pillow. If you do not use it overnight, keep it in your hair for 10-30 minutes (longer if you want, it won't hurt anything) rinse then wash your hair thoroughly.

Shaving Cream: Switch this out for your normal shaving cream and you will end up with the smoothest legs you have ever had. Another product I like to use is conditioner. Men can use this too!

Night Cream: After you take off your make-up and you are about to go to bed, take a small amount and rub into your skin. It is great for people with dry skin!

Cuticle Oil: With this one you can either use it solid or you can liquify it. To liquify the oil just place a small amount into a microwave safe bowl and heat up for 20 seconds then stir. Heat longer if needed. When you are finished rub it into your cuticles. 

Lotion: Just like with the night cream you can rub this into your skin and go about your day. It can tend to be a little oily (duh) so be sure to rub it in good. If you use too much just take a soft cloth and pat your skin to soak up the excess.

There you have it! Go get a jar and start using it now! You will not regret it.

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  1. It gets rid of those little skin bumps too

  2. coconut water my favourite drink :)

    1. Yes! It is so good! We normally have a lot in our house.